The living word of God

    This is what we all need in our life. The living word of God. People today are looking for answers for their questions. Especially in the times in which we are living. We mustn’t look in empty holed bags.

     There are so many answers, opinions and theories we find in today’s days. So many controversies. But Amongst all of this we can find something that stands out, something that matter the time or the circumstances, has proved to be always there pointing us the right direction and hope and redemption. It never changes and is firm. This is the word of God that we find in the Bible.

   Psalm 119 … says: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” This is the light that shines in this darkness in which we are living. In this uncertainty.

    I know that in general and often because of the environment in which they are living, many people today might be sceptical about the word of God. My invitation today is that we can give it a chance, that we can stop for a moment and listen to it. God is having something good for us in plan. We just need to give chance to His word.

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