Failure or victory?

     Which is our definition of failure? Or victory? In today’s days this definitions as many others are being distorted by the society in which we are living or the general idea or example we follow.

     Let’s see a verse in Matthew 10:39
“He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”

We see the word “lose” mentioned in this verse. It is speaking about lost.
In the world in which we live today and the idea with which we grow is that we mustn’t never give up, we have to be first in everything and this in general might not be wrong, but depends on how we look at it. We also have some examples or role models to follow. We are surrounded by famous personalities like sportsmen, actors, singers, writers of which we hear in the media that in a way set up the example we have to follow in life. We choose whom to follow, but in general most of the persons set examples that maybe we can never achieve. There are good as well as wrong examples, but if they are set up by someone with a name, they become role models for us. Many times people see that they can not achieve something and they get even frustrated. Not every one wants to follow what is right or be himself, but rather what the society or modern culture tells him.

      In part all of us can follow certain things of what the society is showing us, but our way of life must be founded on what is right and we need to follow it, no matter what everyone else is doing and following. In general we’ve been taught to never give up and always win, but maybe what we need to do sometimes is to lose or better said to surrender and accept our failure. Meaning that we accept and acknowledge what we are. The gospel tells us that we need to lose our life, so that we can gain it.

    “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.”                     Mark 8:35

    To lose the life means that we have to lose our own way, our own ego, so that we can gain what is from God. We need to do this as most of the times our own ways and ego can actually harm us, as they are not always and most of the times right.

   There are many motivational speakers in today’s days, but maybe we don’t always need to be motivated, but to realize that we can’t make it in our own way. Obviously people realising that without putting their trust in something higher, which is God, can just lose hope and end up in the wrong way, but the fact is that we need to realize that and go to God for answers. In a way, we have already failed. We just need to accept it. Jesus came for those who were sick, (Luke 5:31,32) meaning for those who could acknowledge their need of Him. It is not that the rest of people don’t have any need, they just can’t see it.
The point is to see that the victory belongs to Him, that He brings it to our life.

“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

We are more than conquerors in Him, not in ourselves. What we need to do is to accept our failure and to surrender to Him. In this way we avoid frustrations. When we are trying to achieve something with our own strength and we are under pressure and we maybe see that we can’t make it as we know we don’t have enough capabilities or strength. It’s ok, we just need to accept it. We can’t. We fail. But this is the moment to turn to Him and surrender and tell Him: “God, I can’t anymore, I am weak, help me, please!” He came to take our failure, He died to redeem us. This is the difference of when we expect something by our own strength and when we trust in Him. We need to lose, so that He can win in our life, so that He can give us the victory.

The next time when the devil or some voice tells you that you failed, you can tell him: “Yes it is true. I failed, but the victory is not found in me, but in Him who died for me and overcame everything including the death. This is Jesus Christ.”

Many times is like two teams that play against each other. One of them is having a name of being a strong team, meaning that everyone including themselves expect to win. The other team instead doesn’t have anything to lose as they don’t have a name of winners. It often happens that the team without a name pours everything out and wins the game. They didn’t have anything to lose as they already lost in the eyes of everyone and they probably fought with everything they could and with a free heart in a way. The other team (the famous one) had a reputation to defend and probably played under pressure. They had to defend themselves from losing, they already were winners in their own eyes. They took the victory as something granted, because of their name. As soon as the other team started to attack a bit more, they felt under pressure as they had to defend their name.

See what, we need to carry the name of Christ in our life and not to defend and carry our own name, as the victory doesn’t come from us, but from Him. If we fight thinking that the victory comes from us and we defend our own reputation then we will fear the failure and we will fail, but instead we need to believe and be guided by Him as the victory comes from Him and in His way. Even if it looks as a failure, but we trusted in Him, then He will turn it into a victory for His glory, But if we think that in our own way is the victory and we want to achieve it with our strength, then it will eventually turn into a failure at the end.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

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