What does the new world order consist of?

I’ll be just expressing myself in this sermon on what my thought might be on this topic and I will try to back it as much as I can with scriptures. This is a delicate topic, I mean the one on the so called “new world order”. In mean time when I mention this phraseContinue reading “What does the new world order consist of?”

About baptism

There might be many different opinions on baptism amongst people. What we actually need to look at is the word of God. To be baptized doesn’t mean to be saved. It doesn’t mean that, but in a way I think that is completing the new birth and the salvation. It is something that is beenContinue reading “About baptism”

God and the universe

Since we know and believe that God is the creator of everything, then we need to know that we deal with really awesome and great God. Our mind cannot comprehend really His greatness or not even the greatness and the measurement of what He has done. “For since the creation of the world His invisibleContinue reading “God and the universe”

Failure or victory?

     Which is our definition of failure? Or victory? In today’s times these definitions as many others are being distorted by the society in which we live or the general idea or example we follow. Let’s see again Matthew 10:39: “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life forContinue reading “Failure or victory?”

The living word of God

    This is what we all need in our life. The living word of God. People today are looking for answers for their questions. Especially in the times in which we are living. We mustn’t look in empty holed bags.      There are so many answers, opinions and theories we find in today’s days. SoContinue reading “The living word of God”