A heart after God’s heart.

      There are godly persons of which we can take an example of how to walk with Him and there are indeed some who are really special of which God Himself bears witness.       One of them is David of whom is also said to have a heart after the heart of God.          14 ButContinue reading “A heart after God’s heart.”

Are we in the end times?

Are we in the End times? Yes, we are. But we need to understand what exactly the Bible means when it speaks about end times. We see in some of the epistles in the Bible how the apostles were already using terms like “the last hour“, “last times“ etc. Why is that? Were they confused?Continue reading “Are we in the end times?”

God of order

Many people in this world have questions about life, about the reasons of it and about God. We will never be able anyway to explain everything or to find the exact answers we are looking for, but I believe we will find enough. Enough for us to make a decision, to take a stand. BeforeContinue reading “God of order”