The purpose of the cross

What stands behind the sacrifice of Christ? Why the cross? Why did the author and the creator of the whole universe choose to come and die in such a way? There are many scriptures that describe the cross and the sacrifice of Christ starting even from the old testament. But now we will have aContinue reading “The purpose of the cross”

About the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

       Surely this is a topic that is been discussed amongst many people and there are persons asking themselves about the Holy Spirit and if someone can sin against Him and also if they blasphemed against Him or not. I’ll give you just my opinion and I’ll try to give you an answer based asContinue reading “About the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit”

Are we in the end times?

Are we in the End times? Yes, we are. But we need to understand what exactly the Bible means when it speaks about end times. We see in some of the epistles in the Bible how the apostles were already using terms like “the last hour“, “last times“ etc. Why is that? Were they confused?Continue reading “Are we in the end times?”

God and the universe

Since we know and believe that God is the creator of everything, then we need to know that we deal with really awesome and great God. Our mind cannot comprehend really His greatness or not even the greatness and the measurement of what He has done. “For since the creation of the world His invisibleContinue reading “God and the universe”