The unknown hour

There are many different theories about the occurrences that need to happen in the last times. The most discussed and asked for is the second coming of Christ and the rapture. People are inquiring about it and each one is coming with different theories. Some of them made up, some of them based on theContinue reading “The unknown hour”

Why there is no reason in getting upset with God?

We all can be upset sometimes. It is human. But why is it not wise and in a way it doesn’t make sense to be upset with God? People might tell us that it is something normal or that God needs to be blamed for all of their troubles and unhappy moments, but many timesContinue reading “Why there is no reason in getting upset with God?”

What can we do to please God?

What can we do to please God? How can we attract His attention? These are been questions and tasks that since olden days have been in man’s mind too accomplish. We as people always thought that we can please God, because deep inside we know that something is missing in us and we are kindContinue reading “What can we do to please God?”

The world’s “good” intentions

What does guide this world in general to take the decisions, it is taking? We all can notice that despite the efforts the people from this world and society are making, there are still problems and issues around us and it seems that even if we as human kind develop and discover things that apparentlyContinue reading “The world’s “good” intentions”

God of order

Many people in this world have questions about life, about the reasons of it and about God. We will never be able anyway to explain everything or to find the exact answers we are looking for, but I believe we will find enough. Enough for us to make a decision, to take a stand. BeforeContinue reading “God of order”

Failure or victory?

     Which is our definition of failure? Or victory? In today’s days this definitions as many others are being distorted by the society in which we are living or the general idea or example we follow.      Let’s see a verse in Matthew 10:39“He who finds his life will lose it, and he who losesContinue reading “Failure or victory?”